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Ice Fishing On Capital Lake

Look at The Hole.

The Hole we have

Chopped in The Ice.

Water Bobbing Up.

A Guilty Man’s Gullet.

Look at The Pike.

Darting Below Us.


Panicked with Teeth.

We Have Wax Worms and Minnows.

Jig Heads and Swivels.

Hooks Full of Passion.

A Bucket to Bleed In.


This is Winter.

Darkness at Dawn.

Whiskey and Cheese.

First Published by Jasper's Folly

Drive In. Black And Dark. Gear Shift. Stuck In Park. Trees. Choke. Limbs. Poke. We’re All Here But No One’s Woke. Slasher. Use The Carving Knife. Slasher. Plan Your After Life. Mother. You’re The Stab

Cotton Candy. Carny Queen. Dims The Lights. Sets The Scene. Five Bucks. For A Kiss. Five Bucks. Hit Or Miss. Add The Tongue. Now It’s Ten. Add The Tongue. Say Amen. Find Your Hands. Moving Fast. All Y

Free Guns. Amen. Free Will. No Go. Road Kill. Road Show. Play Fast. And Loose. Get Cooked. By Your Goose. Get Goosed. By The Cook. Sucker Punch. Captain Hook. There Are Gods. In The Sky. Captain Crunc

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