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Ice Fishing On Capital Lake

Look at The Hole.

The Hole we have

Chopped in The Ice.

Water Bobbing Up.

A Guilty Man’s Gullet.

Look at The Pike.

Darting Below Us.


Panicked with Teeth.

We Have Wax Worms and Minnows.

Jig Heads and Swivels.

Hooks Full of Passion.

A Bucket to Bleed In.


This is Winter.

Darkness at Dawn.

Whiskey and Cheese.

First Published by Jasper's Folly

Tastes like chicken but like everything else it’s not. The liver is Nagasaki. The lungs Hiroshima or Jesse James and Dear Old Death comes to us all but the quiver is fantastic. Like lips full of bees.

Sidemen crouch in stairwells. Waiting to make their move. Microphones hiss. Like snakes on the take. Parker crushes his smoke and Raises the Horn. This is a Gig Baby and the liquor is Top Shelf. Remem

The house smells of apples and hard cold water. Your dog whimpers in her dream chair. Rabbits pouring out of countless bushes. Easy pickings when you are still. Outside there are stars. Cold and brigh

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