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Morning Deer

Two Mule Deer. Turning their heads as one. Watching those of us still on the trail. It is a Grand Gesture and does not go unnoticed. A Sparrow Hawk waits and dives. Please! she screams. Every moment is sacred. How many creatures know this? The deer rotate their ears with deliberate intent. Waving at us with the well practiced indifference of newly minted royalty. First published by Iconoclast

Free Guns. Amen. Free Will. No Go. Road Kill. Road Show. Play Fast. And Loose. Get Cooked. By Your Goose. Get Goosed. By The Cook. Sucker Punch. Captain Hook. There Are Gods. In The Sky. Captain Crunc

Rural Route Three. Billboards. Debris. This is God’s Green Earth Where Hope applied And got denied. Where teenage brides Watch children ride Hand me down bikes in Hand me down clothes. Heads down ridi

Like A Loaded Nun. Hot Like Your Cinnabon. Hot. Like The Midnight Heat. Hot. Like A Piece Of Meat. There Are Chances. That We Take. Cheap Romances. That We Fake. There Are Moments. That Are Real. Mome

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