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Take That Commie Shrimp Dick

Beans in the Bunker.

Back on the Menu.

Mambo Sweet Papi.

Havana Cigar.

We’re Deep Underground.

We’ll never Be Found.

Take That!

Commie Shrimp Dick.

Both Bobby and Jack.

Love Marilyn Monroe.

It’s Time to Attack.

Get On with The Show.

Whose Rockets are Hard?

Who’s Let Down their Guard?

Take That!

Commie Shrimp Dick.

Back in the Bunker.

Havana Cigar.

Your Bomb was a Clunker.

Didn’t even Make Par.

There’s Lice in your Beard.

Top Secret.

We’re Cleared.

Take That!

Commie Shrimp Dick.

First published by Synchronized Chaos

The Boom Boom Room

There’s A Room In The Back. It’s The One That Prints Jack. The One That’s Front Loaded. The One Sugar Coated. Take The Fork In The Road. Take Your Pain A La Mode. Take Your Cue From Your Gods. Get Wha

On The Edge Of A Field

A line of yellow maples crack Spilling branches on Late autumn wheat. This is the sound of Something Ending. This is the sound of Being Alone. Evening. In Majesty approaches. Listen. Be still. There a

The Time I Was Taken To Psycho

Drive In. Black And Dark. Gear Shift. Stuck In Park. Trees. Choke. Limbs. Poke. We’re All Here But No One’s Woke. Slasher. Use The Carving Knife. Slasher. Plan Your After Life. Mother. You’re The Stab

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