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Stage Four

A bunch of new Bigwigs are boarding Stage Four.

Packing pot luck.

Praying for more.

Dim Sum for your colon.

Some cigarettes too.

A clean linen gown and now what do we do?

What do we do in a room with no view?

We staplegun hope to our faces each day.

We read the endings first.

First Published by Sacred Chickens

A Foretaste Of The Feast To Come

I Pledge Allegiance. To Gross Malfeasance. To Dissolution. Of Constitution. Dictator. Darth Vader. Sure Do Miss Ruth Bader. (Sure Do Wish She’d Left Us Later) Make Your Plans If Your Trans. If Your Br

Speed Dating At The Kama Sutra Rest Home And Bar

Yoga Class. Tights. Ass. Glad We Got Our Senior Pass. (Glad We Brought Some Extra Cash) Namaste You Stunning Thing. Let Me See Your Luscious Bling. Let Me Be Your Silver Fox. Your Downward Dog’s A Par


Cold. Rotted Planks. Flanked By Piles Of Toys Armed With Dolls. Dead Eyes Smiling. Showing Teeth. Not Showing. What Lies Beneath. Sweat. Pulse. Sharp Smell Of Fear. The Dark Winter Night. The Rope Whe


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