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Cotton Candy's Kissing Booth

Cotton Candy.

Carny Queen.

Dims The Lights.

Sets The Scene.

Five Bucks.

For A Kiss.

Five Bucks.

Hit Or Miss.

Add The Tongue.

Now It’s Ten.

Add The Tongue.

Say Amen.

Find Your Hands.

Moving Fast.

All Your Schemes.

Built To Last.

What You Need.

Inner Peace.

What You Got.

Quick Release.

Cotton Candy.

Carny Girl.

Lost Your Lunch

On The Tilt-A-Whirl.

Lost Your Way.

Can’t Remember Church.

Tried To Pray.

Did A Google Search.

Cotton Candy.

Carny Queen.

Hear The Lions.

Roar And Scream.

First Published by The Opiate

Drive In. Black And Dark. Gear Shift. Stuck In Park. Trees. Choke. Limbs. Poke. We’re All Here But No One’s Woke. Slasher. Use The Carving Knife. Slasher. Plan Your After Life. Mother. You’re The Stab

Free Guns. Amen. Free Will. No Go. Road Kill. Road Show. Play Fast. And Loose. Get Cooked. By Your Goose. Get Goosed. By The Cook. Sucker Punch. Captain Hook. There Are Gods. In The Sky. Captain Crunc

Rural Route Three. Billboards. Debris. This is God’s Green Earth Where Hope applied And got denied. Where teenage brides Watch children ride Hand me down bikes in Hand me down clothes. Heads down ridi

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