Bad Juju

Your dogs refuse their bones and give you the finger.

A Coopers Hawk attacks you and wins.

Someone new gives you the wrong pill.

Your ambulance faces the North South Wind and is late.

Satan stockpiles bullies to kick your ass.

Up in the sky the Gods sip whiskey and study the odds.

First published by Sacred Chickens

To the Current State of Affairs. Eternal Hope. Has Sprung a Leak. Calling for Help. Won’t Help. Please keep your seat or face Bodily Harm. Attention! A Brief List of Places you Don’t Want to Go: Mosco

PRELUDE 1948 Lion tails cartwheel through the smoke. Landing softly on the Screaming Platz. Zebras. Black White. Red. The earth vomits its crust and Yes. There are secrets to be kept so open wide. Suc

I like hanging with the Funcle. He knows the waitress from Woolworth’s and can Charm her at Will. On cue he gets cheese with his pie. Someday soon he will cup her breasts. His brothers are evil. The w