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This planet is pinned to the Void.

Filled with creatures close to the earth.



Charlie Robert is a writer and poet living in Northern California. His work is Punchy. Stark. Peopled with characters heroically flawed. Addicts and Taoists. Heidis and Hitlers. Beasts. Caged and uncaged. He has been published in various literary journals / small press anthologies including The Opiate, Milk and Cake Press, The Broken City, Iconoclast, Orchards Poetry Journal, Rat’s Ass Review, The Rye Whiskey Review, Synchronized Chaos, Sacred Chickens, NOMADartx, Jaspers Folly and is forthcoming in others.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Charlie is currently seeking publication of his chapbook Last Rap. Utilizing a punchy rhythmic verse he narrates the final demise of various historical / cultural icons ranging from Marie Antoinette to King Kong.

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